Man busted for sex with raft

A gentleman from Hamilton, Ohio was charged with public indecency after being caught having sex with a stolen inflatable pool raft. The raft was pink. Edwin Charles Tobergta has four previous public indecency charges, including one involving an inflatable pumpkin. From WAFB:
Tobergta told police he was having sex with the raft because has a problem and needs help. He asked officers to not send him to prison, but he was taken to the Butler County Jail.
"Man accused of having sex with pool raft had also violated inflatable pumpkin" (WAFB, thanks Gil and Rick!)

"Cops: Man had sex with inflatable pool raft" (


  1. See, George Lucas, if you were to add some CGI and a new “Nooooooooooo!!!” to the victim of act of wanton cruelty,*this* would be a better place to do it.

  2. From the second article: 

    “A male witness, who owns the raft and lives in the home near the alley, told Hamilton Police Officer William Thacker he shouted at the suspect to stop.”

    If it were my raft, I would have just let him keep it.

  3. VIOLATED an inflatable pumpkin? More like VALIDATED! That pumpkin had been crushing on him for weeks, and he finally gave it what it wanted. I mean needed.

      1. Not sure how you get rape out of that. I think I said the pumpkin had a crush on him. I am clearly implying consensual sex. Possibly you have spoken with the pumpkin and heard a darker version of the story?

          1. You’re the (ignorant rape apologist) troll. Read the links provided and educate yourself as to why that narrative is rape apologism, and why it might make those who have been raped trigger/feel ill. Or don’t.

          2. Gee, I guess it could be. But in my experience, both men and women of my own acquaintance have had crushes on people of the same or opposite sex and have experienced a rise in self-esteem when those crushes are requited and consummated.

            I understand some people have experienced tragedies that make those feelings hard to relate to, but I don’t think references to those positive feelings should be suppressed or that a ‘victim’ or ‘rapist’ necessarily has to exist in such a relationship.

          3. I, too, originally read your first comment as menacing. I’m not sure why. There’s something about the way it’s worded that reminds me of the way rapist and their apologist frame problematic behavior, i.e. blaming the victim.

            My interpretation may have been further colored by a primacy effect of the juxtaposition of the words violated and validated. I initially read: VIOLATED?…VALIDATED! Gave her what she needed!

            Looking back on it, I think I assumed you were making a pun based on a common misogynistic narrative prevalent in some cultures of our society. And I think that’s what the Doctress is pointing out—that there is an assumption, in some aspects of society, that makes it easy to validate the underlying script without being consciously aware of it, which in turn tends to propagate the original assumption.

            Your joke does seem menacing to me. Perhaps a better way to tell it would be in more of an egalitarian way in which one actor doesn’t give her what she needs, in which sexual pleasure isn’t something given but something created and shared between equals.

            I picture the sun just setting as our protagonist is having a light-hearted conversation with an inflatable pumpkin friend, there’s a meaningful look and suddenly they’re both very awkward. He caresses her plastic leaves, and she squeaks…blow me up…tighter tighter… i want to feel my nylon skin stretch with the fullness of your breath.

  4. >The raft was pink.

    If the raft had been blue, the Phelps family would have been getting in their van right about now.

  5. How can having a relationship with an inflatable woman be perfectly respectable, yet having a relationship with an inflatable raft be a cause for scorn? I think we need to be a little more open minded.

    1. Hmm, interesting question…

      Answer: rape culture.  It is perfectly OK to fuck an inanimate object, as long as it looks like a woman. Then it’s ‘respectable’.  Cuz women, they’re for fucking, amirite, lol? /s

      1. Well, whether the raft is female or male, or whether this should be
        considered rape or not, are questions that need to be asked of the
        “gentleman from Hamilton, Ohio”– for all we know he believes the raft
        consented, and he could in fact be a homosexual, and thinks this is a
        male raft.  Personally I like to think he is attracted to inflatable
        objects not because of their (supposed) gender, but for some inner
        beauty.  But I’m an incurable romantic, I guess.

        1. He may be in love with the raft. But, it’s not his. He should get one. The whole gender thing is just over. Horse, dead and beaten. t’s a RAFT. lol

        2. for all we know he believes the raft
          consented, and he could in fact be a homosexual, and thinks this is a
          male raft.

          You’re absolutely right,  I’ve changed my initial joke to reflect.

          1. Still not sure where I said anything about rape. Are you talking about me? Hey, wait, what if you yourself accidentally laugh at the joke? Is it still inappropriate to ever repeat it?

          2. Tell me about it, all I can do is cry since my boyfriend David Buoy was taken away from me.  I’m Aladdin sane.

      2. It is perfectly OK to fuck an inanimate object, as long as it looks like a woman. Then it’s ‘respectable’. Cuz women, they’re for fucking, amirite, lol?

        Women aren’t, but inflatable sex toys that are shaped like women (or men) are indeed for fucking. By design.

    2.  I’m not sure what goes on in your circle of friends but, I don’t know a single soul who finds sex with ANY inflatables as “respectable”. But I suppose one can assume that the ones using a blow up doll, are more likely fantasizing about sex with another human being.

  6. “Tobergta told police he was having sex with the raft because has a problem and needs help”

    Well, obviously.  What did he expect the cops to say?  “Ohhhh, you have a problem and need help, well, that changes everything!  Please go home and don’t do it again.”

  7. “He asked officers to not send him to prison, but he was taken to the Butler County Jail.”

    Yeah, that almost never works.

  8. He must have really cried when he saw that cat video posted here earlier:  “Noooooooo  you killed it/him/her!”

    1. Of course it was a ‘her’- all objects seem to be. I find it disturbing how many rape ‘jokes’ are showing up in this thread. The fact that he was fucking inanimate objects, and how easily rape apologism applies to it is interesting. Wonder what that’s about? Is it so easy to apply a female gender to an inflatable raft? Since it was the passive receiver, and existed in this man’s mind to be fucked? /runs off to write about it

      1. No.  It was implied by the author to be in the female context by the statement: “The raft was pink.”  In American society pink is equated to girls and blue to boys.  Personally I don’t really care what color a child’s room is, mine was yellow and green.

        Also I would assume most heterosexual readers would apply a female relation to the raft if they were asked to give it a gender.  This would be a natural extension of their sexual orientation.  At the same time I think most sane and reasonable people would see it as an inanimate object first, ie. a raft, before thinking about in terms of a gender.

        1. NO, back at you.

          More ignorant gender binary/stereotyping BS. There are reasons for the pink/blue thing, and it’s all culturally imposed.

          ‘It tells girls that if they do not like ‘traditionally’-feminine things, they are not truly female. It means that girls are put under immense pressure to conform, rather than follow their dreams. It means that girls are more easily targeted – and duped – by advertisers, as pink things now automatically catch their attention because they have been socialised to find the colour appealing.’

          I see a raft as an it. Not a he or a she. It’s a raft, for floating on water.  A genderless object. And, my (and everybody else’s) sexual preferences are irrelevant to that. What a bizarre rationalization… so which are we, ‘sane and reasonable’ or ‘heterosexual’ (and default male, no doubt)? Can’t we be both? XD

          1. I agree, you see a raft as an object. You also see sex jokes as rape jokes, and constantly percieve and point out gender power imbalances in other peoples interactions, even when one of them is an inanimate object that you insist that you see as not human but by making a joke about it the other posters are making rape jokes about human women.

             We get it. He has a problem in his brain wiring and sees things as sex objects as opposed to women that he would rape, or that we must be assuming he is raping. We get it.

        2. When someone says “X object is pink” they are describing the COLOR of the object.  That is it, nothing more.  Pink is a COLOR. 

          For some reason, I am extremely amused by the notion that pink describes someone’s sex.  Maybe I am imagining filling out a form and having to decide whether to check Pink or Blue instead of Male or Female.  I’d be all like, but green is my favorite color!  Why are those the options for color!?!  Damn, I guess I’ll choose blue.  And I’d be wrong.

          1. Purple is my second favorite color!  I am wearing green and purple right now!  I hope purple isn’t checking green out and getting any sexy ideas.

  9. Unseen offscreen at beginning of “Cat killing Balloon Cat” video was Mr Tobergta winking at Balloon Cat. Cat spared Balloon Cat from Mr. Tobergta’s cruel affections

    …and now you know… The Rest of the Story.

  10. can we please not have these  gender -related puns? 
    lack of grammatical gender in modern english is confusing enough for non-native speakers as it stands, btw : this couldn’t have happened in germany, as “the raft” would be a neuter (and of course nobody fucks with “das boot” )     :)


      Now, I am thinking about Zork for some reason. Wasn’t there an inflatable raft in it? A text-based one? I wonder if it was a boy or a girl raft? lol

  11. Wait– maybe he’s one of those uh–varieties* that take their necessary pleasure thru popping balloons and such.  I forget the name of this particular “flavor”, but it’s out there.  Maybe he’s just a particularly aggressive “balloonist” (I’ll be corrected in a subsequent comment, trust me.)   Maybe he was refused by his inflatable sex doll. Then again, this may be the first case of aerosol-rape, or something.  Anyway, the atmospheric envelope is now being stretched, and the verb “blow/to blow” is now no longer exclusively part of the het/homo blowcabulary.
    ( * I was going to say “deviants,” but that’s SO not bizarre-sex positive)

  12. Somebody explain to me how sex with an inanimate object like an inflatable raft is rape and sex with an inanimate object like a dildo is not?

    I think the important issue is that it was happening in public, and the raft was stolen.

  13. I can’t really see any equivalent between the raft and rape, and this is probably why it was so very easy to call the fellow a pervert and haul him off to jail. If the pink raft had been a non-consenting woman, I am sure the apologists would be rolling in as they do, calling her a harlot or a tease. A raft though, that’s just nasty!  Me, I’d prefer to see an increase in ecstasy by raft and a decrease in power by rape. Let that raft have it, gentlemen!

    1. Me neither. The issue here is that it wasn’t his. If he has objectophilia, and likes rafts, he should go to Rutabaga and spring for one. Not steal the neighbors’ raft. Shit.

  14. Have you SEEN inflatable devices these days? The way their comport themselves, they’re just begging for it.

  15. I’m with doctressjulia. There is nothing at all funny about a crazy guy having sex with inflatable rafts and pumpkins, then being hauled off by the cops as he pleads that he’s not at fault because he’s addicted. Nothing at all.

  16. So yesterday it was burning Caddy at a gas station in Hamilton
    County Tennessee, and today it’s a man having his way with a pink raft in Hamilton
    Ohio.  Hamilton Ontario, it’s your
    turn to complete the strange news trifecta. We’re all watching and waiting…

    1. “They can kill the Kennedys. Why can’t they make a cup of coffee that tastes good?”
      – Mike Swartzwelder

  17. I also find it hilarious that people are arguing over whether or not it’s wrong to call a raft a ‘she,’ when it’s been tradition for many many years to call any sort of craft or vehicle by female pronouns. I imagine it includes anything from rowboats, to tall ships, to cruise ships, to cars, to buses, to spacecraft.

    And before people start throwing the privileged BS around at me, I am a woman. I’ve been targetted for sexual harassment and everything. What I don’t do is let that rule my life beyond it. While it may not have been a GOOD thing, it still happened, and I’ve done what I can do about it and just move on.

    And I’m also kind of stunned that people are so sensitive to call “rape culture” on a joke that wasn’t even about rape in the first place. :/

    1. Ah, tradition!  One could argue for almost anything with it.  Paying women less than men?  Tradition!  Treating homosexuality as a mental illness?  Tradition!   Working 12 hours in a factory 6 and half days a week for minimal pay?  Tradition!  Slavery?  Tradition!  Tell us why something is harmful or not on its own merits instead of saying that something was around for many many years and therefore can’t be wrong.  There’s no logic in that argument.

      Neither being a woman nor suffering from sexual inequality exempts anyone from being sexist.  See:  Sarah Palin.

      1. Women getting half in a divorce, tradition.  Women expecting men to pay for their meals and buy them nice things, tradition.  Women getting custody of children regardless of their parenting capabilities, tradition. 

        Equality, means it goes both ways equally.  You and the Doctress can point out all the problems that women have in the world and someone else can point out a counter example. 

        Having the law work fairly is what it means to be equals.  And society does have a long way to go before things are truly equal, but don’t pretend that everything is automatically geared toward keeping women down.

  18. A chap was once caught with his thingy
    Assaulting a pink blown up dinghy
    He’d also had humpkins
    With inflated pumpkins
    To this kink he seemed very clingy

  19. Hrm, I intended to post the same thing about the implied gender of the violated vessel. Ships/boats have been “she” in our culture as far back as we have records.

    I can’t really speak as to the appropriateness of Blunderbutt’s joke. I’ll admit I thought it was funny when I first read it, but I wasn’t really viewing it from the perspective of a victim of sexual violence. The way I read it, it was really about the implication that this sexual act (consensual) was the end product of a long, torrid unrequited crush and subsequent storybook (teen romance) ending. You know, and not the random act of perversion that it appears to be at first blush.Seen from that perspective, it’s a funny, absurdist little joke. See from the other perspective (the one where it’s more of a post-rape victim blaming), yeah that’s not funny at all and is pretty offensive.See, I’m semi sure that BB meant it the first way, and it got taken as the second way. But you know, I could be completely wrong and BB could be a horrible rape apologist.

    1. Definitely the first way. The only way the pumpkin was a victim is in giving its affections to a person incapable of the fidelity that a pumpkin needs to feel secure. But in the first blush of romance, all was well.

  20. Can we please steer this away from ‘rape’ and talk about Hamilton instead? I was forced to move to Hamiltucky when I was 9 years old and am still in recovery. Please, help me heal by trash talking Butler County instead!

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