Awesome Art Cars at Burning Man: Steampunk Octopus, and Playa Dalek


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  1. PeaceLove says:

    That octopus was definitely one of the stars of the Playa. You had to be there to grasp the full power of that fire-billowing metal contraption. When he blew fire out of his head and all arms at once, the cold desert night got HOT for probably 40-50 feet all around.

    The workmanship was absolutely stunning, too. What a gorgeous, terrifying beast.

    Note to Duane Flatmo: I salute you! You raised the bar for everyone.

  2. nixiebunny says:

    The octopus, El Pulpo Mechanico, won the burn for me.  Fabricated from 100% junk. Best use of conduit cams for animation.

  3. Ted Mills says:

    Somebody said they also saw a Tardis somewhere either on the playa or in BRC. Any confirmation on that?

  4. peterkvt80 says:

    The Dalek looks so awesome. A pity it sounds like a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower.

  5. Betaboxx says:

    I’m the guy with the Dalek and, we met the doctor Thursday night at the tardis.  I’m working up some photos now, but it was pretty cool, and like most people at burning man, the doctor and his crew were some really cool peeps. 

  6. Betaboxx says:

    Tell me about it.  Ideally i want it silent and with a super awesome suspension system so it wouldn’t rock back and forth so much.  After a couple grand….my wallet was weeping too much :)

  7. girlstyle says:

    El Pulpo Mecanico came and presided over the burning of my camp’s art project (Lake Lahontan Point) out in deep playa on Friday night. We were honored to have him. What an incredible work of art!

  8. Johnny Dwork says:

    The Pulpo Mechanico Flaming Octopus is undoubtedly an all-time top 10 Burning Man art project.  Artists take note…It embodies the following essential qualities of classic BM art: It’s an art car, it’s a fire instrument, it’s a musical instrument, it’s steam punk, it’s made from junk, it’s fun, it’s funny, it’s beautiful, it’s ingenious, it attracts crowds, and it’s truly awe-inspiring.

    It would pull up to the larger sound systems, start playing it’s fire bursts to the beat of the music, quickly synchronizing with the DJ and, at the pinnacle of the music, let out a huge burst of flame from it’s head….causing everyone within a 1/4 mile to smile, laugh and scream in delight.

    Brilliant.  Genius. Absolutely F*#king Epic. Reason enough to go to Burning Man.

  9. Jim Nelson says:

    I got video of El Pulpo Mecanico during the burning of the Man. Will be online soon…

  10. Mark Zabala says:

    Here’s a fresh new reel of art highlights from this year’s Burn.

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