Skull nickels


Scott Beale of Laughing Squid writes: "Colossal has a great roundup of Skull Nickels, carved coins that are made in the tradition of Hobo Nickels, which are still celebrated and collected by the Hobo Nickel Society."

Photo: Quality Rare Coins


  1. Love the Indian skull ones, and the dealer’s hand one. Prices are a little out of my reach, though, sadly.

  2. Potential Politicla statement thereis nice.

    The amount of effort that had to go into the carving is even nicer.

  3. I look at the nickel pictured and think, the “In God We Trust” should be changed to “This Is Your God”

  4. Although people deface money all the time and it’s not a horrible crime like stealing mail, would Ebay eventually flag this for risk of liability? You can still buy human skulls on Ebay but that’s pretty legal I think.

      1. I think it’s the sort of thing where you can get a permit to do it, but even if you don’t it’s totally unenforceable and intended to keep people from damaging the economy rather than the currency itself (say, by burning a few hundred million in cash).

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