The "world's most irritating instrument" is for sale

Behold "the World's Most Irritating Instrument," a handmade noisemaker that has yet to find a single bid on its imminently-ending eBay action. From the description:

It makes a clicking sound that is varied by a turn of a knob. It has a momentary on/off button and a LED light that moves with the beat of the clicking. ... This is a One Of A Kind instrument by circuit bent artist MaXbEnDeR! Runs on a 9 volt battery

The auction lacks sample audio, which leaves us to speculate on exactly how accomplished Mr. MaXbEnDeR is at creating irritating noises. A search online does, however, suggest mastery of the genre. In any case, the seller's claim must be incorrect, because everyone knows that the world's most irritating instrument is the bagpipe.


    1. Not sure the vuvuzela is really an instrument, but I think it counts if this triangle thing does, and in that case you are correct Mr. Baruch.

  1. Rob says “…everyone knows that the world’s most irritating instrument is the bagpipe”. Sorry Rob, totally wrong. Look up Red Hot Chilli Pipers – Bagrock for the masses.

    1. Chris Burden?  If so, I’ve been a huge fan of your work for more than 20 years and can’t wait to take my kid to see Metropolis II. 

    1. Accordian or kazoo, but not bagpipes.

      I used to have it in for accordions until I recognized they’re just harmonicas with bellows and keys.  Then I wonder why rock and roll didn’t grasp this much earlier.

    1. 0:17, sorry, hadn’t copied the right link, it’s whenever they say “las hacechanzas del Demonio”

  2. This unfortunate looking unit rates right up there with the twentieth century’s most annoying artists :)

  3. No imagination. The world’s most irritating instrument would be one that periodically goes into a mode that makes no sound at all, no matter how you argue with it — but that is interesting enough when working that you can’t stop fighting with it.

  4. The text doesn’t specify that it’s the most irritating _musical instrument_.  For that, I would go with the vuvuzela, too, with doumbek running a close second.

    I like bagpipes, but as Mischa of Wolgemut says about them, “..they’re either on or off.”

  5. I was out with my bagpipes in the back seat of my car and I needed to go into a store. I was only there for a minute, but by the time I had got back someone had broken into my car. Now I have two bagpipes.

  6. I agree that the bagpipe is the most irritating instrument.  I can never tell if the person playing the bagpipe is any good at it or not.  I’m convinced nobody can, and all the bagpipe players out there are having big laugh about how bad they are and nobody knows it.

  7. The scurr of the pipes is often an entertaining sound in genres well outside the gaelic.

    They are a wonderful and stirring accent to many a tune, I would take your minds back to Steve Earle’s 1988 album “Copperhead Road” which has bagpipes mixed in with the country rock of the extremely popular song by the same name.The vuvuzela only plays a single B-flat note, loud and louder, and is more of an annoyance than any kind of musical instrument.

    1. +1.  That is one awesome song.  In retrospect, I never expected to hear bagpipes and a mandolin in a song with lyrics like “My Daddy ran whiskey in a big-block Dodge, bought it at an auction at the Mason’s Lodge.  Johnson County Sheriff painted on the side, he just shot a coat of primer and he looked inside.”  Somebody on Wikipedia says it was “bagpipes… played through a keyboard.”  Maybe that was for the best.  If you check out the video at 2:31 when they finally reveal the whole band in all its 1988 finery, I don’t think Earle could have withstood much more onstage embarrassment.  The mullets, the doubleneck, the headless bass, and the presence of what looks like all the less-famous sidemen from Toto and A Flock Of Seagulls… ol’ Steve should have kept them in the deep BG.

  8. While I’m at it, 1968’s “Sky Pilot” by Eric Burdon & The Animals was another example of well a applied musical accent, though this was a military march being rendered as the song was ending.

  9. Is that annoying by nature or annoying in the hands of the average person who attempts to play them? If the latter then I would like to nominate the recorder.
    [My apologies to anyone who can actually play the recorder well. Unfortunately you’re out numbered.]

  10. My band did 4 shows with the Red Hot Chili Pipers last year and I can attest that the bagpipes are the worlds LOUDEST instrument. I still have ringing in one ear. If you really want to know what the world’s most annoying instrument is just step in to any one of your local music stores on a Saturday afternoon and you will find that it is, in fact, the electric guitar!

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