Wrapped in plastic!


Mitch O'Connell presents a small gallery of plastic-wrapped pipsqueaks.


  1. “Better living through chemistry” helps explain the thought process of whoever thought up that campaign. I’m guessing LSD.

    Also: kid #3 in that second image is flipping off the serial baby suffocator.

    1. In advertising, you just can’t go wrong with babies or monkeys.  I see this a lot at the local level where the retailer insists on putting their grandchildren into their cheap TV ad, no matter how much it doesn’t make sense.

      1. In advertising, you just can’t go wrong with babies or monkeys.

        That’s what I thought too, but the Forest Lawn Mortuary people sure shot down my pitch for a billboard campaign pretty quick.

  2. See – this is why we are all going to hell. We used to ENCOURAGE the idiots to take themselves out of the gene pool. Now we coddle them with warning stickers on ever bit of plastic.

    1. I think the point of these ads was to demonstrate how permeable cellophane could be as compared to plastic wrap. Although, I think they exaggerated the point, somewhat.

  3. I can almost never find whole baby at my supermarket these days. It’s all just pieces, and baby factory floor scrapings.

  4. “Gee, Madge, how do you keep your baby so fresh and clean?”

    “Well, Linda, I rely on Cellophane from DuPont to keep my baby fresh.  But clean?  !Well, you’re soaking in it!”

    “Dishwashing liquid?!?”

    “Relax…it’s Palmolive!”

  5. This reminds me of my first time in NYC during a rainstorm — all of the strollers have these heavy clear plastic covers that zip the kids in against rain and cold. Eerie.

  6. Whenever I see something like this I feel short of breath. In my work as a retail “professional” at a “bookstore” when I have to put a stuffed animal in a plastic bag I have a little pang of regret…

  7. My girlfriend recently got a household cleaning manual from the early 50’s. It has advice like “Bug problem? Just spray DDT everywhere!”

  8. While it’s easy to unfairly make fun of past generations for stuff that only seems obvious in hindsight, this one seems totally justified. I refuse to believe that people didn’t know how BREATHING worked 60 years ago.

  9. The world saw a spike in infant deaths right after these ads were released… Vintage, but very irresponsible kind of advertising. This must have been before the days where you could get your ass sued for just about any and everything…

  10. Of course, by the time the stork reaches its destination, that bag is going to contain a baby floating in a gallon of that blue liquid babies always used to excrete in old commercials.

  11. I was on a crowded airline flight, a few years ago, and after sitting on the taxiway for about 35 minutes, the cabin became warm and an infant baby began screaming at the top of his/her lungs.  This went on for a few minutes and the atmosphere grew a bit tense, until someone in the rear of the cabin shouted, “Would somebody please give that child a dry cleaning bag to play with?”

    Everybody cracked up in spite of themselves and that broke the tension.  I still smile whenever I think about the moment.

  12. You’re the topYou’re Mahatma GandhiYou’re the topYou’re Napoleon BrandyYou’re the purple lightOf a summer night in SpainYou’re the National GalleryYou’re Crosby’s salaryYou’re cellophane

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