Gumby's fumbled robbery

Gumby attempted to rob a 7-11 store in San Diego on Monday but failed, in part because he couldn't get into his pockets to retrieve his weapon. Police are offering a $1,000 award leading to his arrest which could land him in the pokey. Get it? Pokey? Er... From
Gumby walked up to the cashier and said to the clerk, “This is a robbery,” San Diego police Detective Gary Hassen said. The clerk thought it was a joke and told Gumby that he had to go back to cleaning. Gumby insisted that the robbery was real and proceeded to reach into his Gumby-like pockets as if he were looking for a weapon, of which was never produced. The Gumby costume impeded his efforts to reach into his pockets and after fumbling around for several minutes, Gumby gave up his efforts and walked out of the store after dropping 26 cents out of his pocket.
"Gumby Attempts To Rob 7-Eleven in San Diego, Fails"


  1. I was kind of hoping there was an idiot or two dressed up as Pokey and waiting outside as the “getaway” vehicle.

    1. No, he got away on foot. One foot, which magically slid along the pavement because it was easier to animate than walking.

  2. The fact that he dropped change on the way out makes this so fucking funny to me. Not only did he fuck this all up, but he went negative on the way out…….i cant stop laughing, all i can think when he puts his hands up and slams them on the counter is “I’m Gumby Dammit”……ahhhh classic!!

  3. I want to get a Pokey outfit and call press conference to air my concerns about Gumby’s recent behavior.

  4. “OK Eddie Murphy, we get it – you’re hosting the next Oscars. Enough with the publicity stunts already.”

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