RIP Project Gutenberg founder Michael Hart


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  1. zombiebob says:

    Sad to read a BB obituary for a guy who clearly did some awesome shit for the world, but great to see a man who DID do some awesome shit be honored. What this guy did, slaving in the shadows (sort of), is REAL accomplishment, real work, and I hope he is remembered for it long after Justin Bieber is forgotten.

  2. pKp says:

    Man, I had no idea who the guy behind Project Gutemberg was. The world is a poorer place without him.

  3. Jonathan Badger says:

    One of his favorite speculations was that someday, everyone would be
    able to have their own copy of the Project Gutenberg collection or
    whatever subset desired. This vision came true, thanks to the advent of
    large inexpensive computer disk drives, and to the ubiquity of portable
    mobile devices, such as cell phones

    Actually, how easy is this to do today? While I certainly have downloaded a few PG books over the years, originally for my Palm Pilot in the late 1990s, and now for my phone and e-reader, is there an easy way to download everything? Just because it would be cool — I’d imagine it would probably only be a few hundred gigs at most.

    (Yes, Hart was a true pioneer and it’s sad that he died, I’m not trying to lessen that by asking a practical question)

  4. allen says:

    What a loss.  It’s people like him that make futurism genuinely exciting.  There goes a man that made the world a better place.

  5. TheCrawNotTheCraw says:

    Rest in peace, and thank you for your contributions.

  6. DewiMorgan says:

    I hope his brainchild continues to thrive for a long time, that he be immortalized by it.

  7. ChicagoD says:

    Project Gutenberg was a brilliant idea that created a template for a lot that has happened since. Godspeed to this man.

  8. PhosPhorious says:

    I’m an adjunct in a philosophy department, and for the past several semesters I have compiled a course-pack for my intro classes using Project Gutenberg.  It saves the students a ton of  money on textbooks, and all the classic readings are there.

    Mr.  Hart was a great man who contributed to the life of the mind in a very real and important way.  I am very saddened by this news.  I owe the man quite a lot.

  9. Let’s hope the future of ebooks is more open than closed. Thanks Michael!

  10. scruss says:

    One of Michael’s very endearing quirks (as remembered by someone in the MetaFilter obituary thread) was that he wrote e-mails in paragraphs that were right-justified without adding spaces. We will miss him.

  11. Thanks Michael Hart.  I should have been smart enough to thank you while you were alive.

  12. Tim Pozar says:

    Very sorry to hear.  I met Michael around 1997 when I was the Director of Operations at Internet Archive.  Of course Brewster was talking to him about how IA can help host the project. “Driven” would be an understatement about Michael.   You can’t not be infected by his energy when you are around him. He had a vision on that changed access to millions of texts and books around the world.  Thank you Michael.

  13. Colin Rosenthal says:

    RIP the man responsible for filling my iPad with great works of literature, poetry and philosophy that I will forever feel guilty about not getting around to reading :-)

  14. Bink Binkerson says:

    It’s not enough, but thank you, Michael Hart for making this crapped up world a better place.

  15. Oh how sad! I was a PG volunteer when I worked on the U of I campus back in the late 90′s/early2000. Mike was SUCH a great guy!  We always had so much fun going to football games and throwing out CD’s with ebooks on them during halftime. RIP Michael!

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