James Gurney paints a mud puddle


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  1. RobDobbs says:

     #sigh# My office actually blocks that site.

    • Bucket says:

      At first I couldn’t think of any possible reason to block one of the most fantastic art blogs on the internet, but then I realized he frequently posts the paintings of John William Waterhouse, who often features nekkid boobies, the horrible evil pervert.

  2. nosehat says:

    he finds beauty in almost everything

    That’s the best way to live, and definitely a plus for an artist of any kind.  I’d love it if this was on my tomb stone some day.

  3. Jim Schmidt says:

    I would pay money for a print of that… had I any money to spare for it :(  Watching puddles in the rain was always a favorite pastime in my youth, and I wish I could do it more often now that I’m all “grown up”.

  4. Finnagain says:

    My dad spent a fair amount of time appreciating the patterns of melting butter in a skillet. Find beauty where you find it.

  5. MichaelnotTChristian says:

    I love the Artist James Gurney, and have had a signed print of his in my Art collection for years….. “The Dinosaur Parade” hangs in a prominant spot in my house……….

  6. scionofgrace says:

    “he finds beauty in almost everything”

    Now that’s something worth doing.

    I love watching water move, too.  Doesn’t matter where or how.

  7. LydiRae says:

    His instructional books are on my shelf, and should be required reading.

  8. I’m not a great fan of that ‘Christmas card’ romantic style of painting. But he’s clearly talented.

  9. Bob N Johnson says:

    I think you’re missing the difference between a blog and a newspaper.

  10. Felton / Moderator says:

    Sorry for the orphaned comments.  The troll has been successfully released into the wild.

    • RJ says:

      I heard about some trolls that were released into the wild somewhere on the west coast a few years ago. They made it like a quarter-mile away before being eaten by a Great White Moderator.

      More on-topic:
      That painting is lovely. It has a kind of zen to it, if that isn’t too pretentious a way to say it.

      • Rich Keller says:

        Drawing and painting can be zen-like activities. The observational techniques are really effective exercises in mindfulness. Sometimes that can be conveyed in the image.

  11. Jesse & Kimberley Paulson says:

    It reminds me a lot of M.C. Escher’s “Puddle” from 1952.  Nice.


  12. Guest says:

    Well hey, they included a comments section, and you showed up. What sort of standards are you expecting here?

  13. millie fink says:

    Yeah, cuz we all need Experts to tell us what “great” art is. And also to tell us why other people, who are Experts too just because they have shit-tons of money, are right to use the money they save through tax breaks and other dodges to buy the “great” art that the rest of us could never afford.

  14. millie fink says:

    edit-nevermind, the comment i was responding to here is gone.

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