Gaiman's audiobook label


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  1. digi_owl says:

    a gutenberg project for audio books?

  2. mesjak says:

    All kudos to Neil for his work on behalf of other authors who deserve wider recognition. And all book lovers want more quality audiobooks. But ACX is a subsidiary of Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon. Has Cory’s long-standing opposition to Audible & their DRM been called off?

  3. Sawgrass Man says:

    Yep, I was going to mention Libravox, too (tons of content at their site, and Internet Archive) but the issue of an inappropriate/experienced reader can be a real disappointment.  There are more than a few Libravoxes that I downloaded with great enthusiasm, only to be presented with a mumbling, droning narrator who mispronounces common English words.  BUT– when you hear a reader that you really like, you can search out their other readings.  And if you don’t like the quality of someone’s narration, you can make and post your own version.  Maybe even add a tag that says “and my dog can lick your dog.”
    Props to Neil, though. Nice goin’.

  4. The same challenges can arise from ACX. Lots of inexperienced folks on there, wanting to break into audiobooks. Thankfully, there’s a designation for “Audible Approved producers” for those who are known by Audible to put out quality work.

  5. It’s great that an English author is being used to promote the ACX scheme but ACX is open only to those people with a US postal address. I just tried to join but the ‘country’ field is hard-coded to ‘United States’. That’s a shame; as a narrator I would definitely have been up for this.

  6. Tom Dheere says:

    Jeffrey Kafer, like myself, is an Audible Approved Producer. Just like any other casting site, there are both experienced and less-experienced talent. The publishers on ACX are among the best in the industry and I would like to think they will hire talent based on, well, talent, instead of their bid.

  7. Thad Boyd says:

    Gaiman really does have a great damn voice.  Has always reminded me of Alan Rickman.

    I’ve been meaning to do some volunteer audiobook work (no false modesty: I’m pretty damn good at reading books aloud) but haven’t gotten around to it.  I’ll check this out.

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