Historypin: vintage media overlaid on current Google Maps images


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  1. Aloisius says:

    I thought Bing did this already with their streetside photos and photosynth overlays? While the focus on history is quite interesting, I thought Microsoft had quite the set of patents on the basic tech.

  2. RedShirt77 says:

    Mountain top removal on that first one?

  3. It will all be historical overlays in the future when someone in 2060 wants to streetview Los Angeles 2011

  4. Just_Ok says:

    Bagpipes are better going away. 

  5. I created a similar site for my rephotography of Tampa, Florida http://www.TampaChanging.com
    One aspect of my site, that really adds to the photos is the ability to fade back and forth between the modern & historic images.  This way you can easily see what the scene used to look like and what it currently looks like.  Hopefully History Pin will add a feature like this as well.  

  6. Guest says:

    Re Visionist History!!

  7. Bob LeDrew says:

    The large image you used in this post relates to the opening of the Canso Causeway. This causeway connects the island of Cape Breton to mainland Nova Scotia, and was opened August 13, 1955. The causeway is 1.4 km long, and was made using nearly 11 million tonnes of rock. Before the causeway, rail and car ferries took people and goods between the mainland and Cape Breton. The cost of the project was paid by a toll for those entering Cape Breton from 1955 to the mid 1990s. 

  8. EH says:

    Funny, just last week I started a similar project, except for the interior of my grandparents house.

  9. I have postcards from London around 1890 – 1910 that I scanned and uploaded to the Internet Archive. I went on Google Street View to try to find the exact location each photo was taken from, and included the GPS coordinates in the comments. Some were easy to find, some not so easy (and  usually involved a mini history lesson), and some I couldn’t find at all.

    Sadly, Historypin doesn’t make the process any easier. It looks like it’s still up to you to find the location and get the perspective correct, but if you can, then it’s at least one better than stare-and-compare on Street View!

    Edit: Just tried it. No perspective correction.

  10. webmonkees says:

    Lovely. Just went and found a vintage postcard for Bristol TN/VA’s giant state street sign and put in a picture of somebody’s Ass.*

    *aka Jenny, Mule, Burro, Donkey, all equivalent terms not as funny.

  11. There’s a stand-alone viewer near the Berlin Wall which lets you look at the scene through history.  I can’t find the reference but I saw a piece on it online yesterday.  The device itself looks like one of those coin-operated binoculars you sometimes see at scenic places but it has a library of photos of the same scene seen at different times, the overlay of history as you look through the device.

  12. jetfx says:

    Wow! I just did a double take when I saw the picture of bagpipers crossing the Canso Causeway, as it is right down the road from me.

  13. virgil says:

    This seems remarkably similar to SepiaTown.

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