Another radioactive Boy Scout


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  1. Matthew Elmslie says:

    This is the kid from that book Science Fair Season, right? That’s a good book; people here should like that book.

  2. Lobster says:

    To be fair, Hahn was kind of dumb about it.  He took no precautions whatsoever (which is why he ended up with those nice radiation burns).

  3. Vadym Zakrevskyy says:

    My. Hero.

  4. Jim Nelson says:

    Damn – I wonder if he’s going to be at the Teslathon in October put on by another member here in Richmond, VA.

    That neutron detector is actually pretty awesome – He3 detectors have become rarer than hen’s teeth (and priced similarly), and to have a cheap neutron detector, made out of commonly available components, invented and patented by a teenager, is one of the greatest science success stories I’ve ever heard of. Hats off to Mr. Wilson!

  5. bcsizemo says:

    I don’t think my wife should read this…  She’d skin him alive if he damaged pre-1944 vintage red Fiestaware….

  6. Teirhan says:

    This is a pretty cool article.  Makes me wish i had a subscription to mental_floss so i could read the whole thing. 

  7. Give that kid a Nobel Prize, and a DeLorean car. Now! Dammit!

  8. John Aspinall says:

    If he’s collecting americium, thorium, radium, and uranium, his interests don’t only lie with fusion.

  9. jhertzli says:

    The spirit of the little red schoolhouse is back!

  10. And where is the mutants. Not good!

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