Crania Anatomica Filigre on Kickstarter

If you contribute $50 or more to Joshua Harker's Kickstarter campaign, you'll get one of his elaborate "Crania Anatomica Filigre."


  1. Excellent. I love stuff like this, i immediately pledged 50 bucks. Ship date is estimated to be December, which is kind of a bummer to wait that long but i’m really looking forward to it. Kind of wish i could afford a medium sized skull (which is 100 bucks).

  2. While the artwork is nice, the interesting thing about this post is that he’s using Kickstarter as a non-traditional way to get his artwork out there, and he seems to be successful at it so far. (This isn’t the normal Kickstarter project where he asks for money for a big project).

  3. Meh – I’ll just grab the CAD file off TPB and whip one up on my Thing-O-Matic.

    Seriously though, it’s good to see kickstarter being used the way it was intended (kinda) instead of just to create more ipad accessories and iPhone games. And the price for these pieces is actually pretty reasonable considering the cost of most items on shapeways and such. I personally would like something a little more unique to the artist (skulls are just so cliche – the death of art as we know it? really?) and something made out of brass, but I guess that’s the kind of thing one buys for thousands instead of $50.

    1. I produced a few pieces very similar to these earlier this year, although the ones I did had hinged tops and were made using traditional methods rather than 3D printing… Still waiting for my SUMPOD to come in the mail… But I was actually going to comment along the lines of waetherman … I’m surprised that this isn’t just on a more “traditional” (and arguably appropriate and ideal) 3D printing distribution channels. Outside of anything else, it would be nice for customers to be able to choose the material — if I were to order, I’d love to have this printed in metal or glass. Plastic feels cheap to me, and in this era of 3D printing, I suspect it’s going to feel cheaper and cheaper and cheaper as time goes by.

      Although by exploiting Kickstarter I guess he’s got less local competition since Shapeways, etc. are much more flooded (let alone Etsy and similar places where this sort of thing is normally sold). I wonder how many more similar art pieces can be posted to Kickstarter before the market collapses.

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