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Screen Shot 2011-09-13 At 12.36.48 Pm is like Yahoo's Pipes, but easier to use. Here's a list of 728 useful "recipes" sorted by popularity.

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  1. ifttt is duct tape that connects the API hooks of a lot of services with timers and triggers. The ifttt folks have read scores of API docs, grabbed the hooks from each, and abstracted them a little so you can connect them as you like. “You have 22 services with 2245 possible connections.”

    That script at the top, for example, sends a text that says “Pack an umbrella!” every time the weather calls for rain.

    I’ve got twitter searches turning into emails, starred tweets moving to reading lists, and loved songs on posting to a tumblr blog. None of those services have the time or energy to build out these kind of connection for the (exponentially growing) multitude of Useful Things.

    It’s fun and then it turns invisible until you need some other impossible thing it makes trivially simple. Also, their intro page is <3

  2. I’d like it to tweet a link to every GIF I save to Dropbox, but there’s no clean way to format incoming data beyond their little tags. Give me the full power of regex and this thing would be so awesome.

  3. I’d like it if someone could make one that told me if it’s going to rain tomorrow. 

    That would be so cool.

  4. It takes some nerve to give it all the “channel” access it needs to work, but this is really excellent automation for feeding the maw of the quantified/archived/evernoted life in particular.

  5. There are way too many “if it rains” recipes.  Actually, it’d be nice if those could be cleaned up a little, but it’s still in beta.  I’m excited to try out the service (and someone else is already using my recipe, eeee!) so thanks for the heads up!

  6.  I am looking for a one or two button click automation that will save an .mp3(or all the .mp3s?) on a webpage straight to dropbox, where I can later review them on the go(on a phone or another computer). Do you think this is a good solution or is there a better one? Am a mac user and I’ve played with Automator a bit. I looked through some of the Recpes , but they seemed mostly about tagging and emailing. Thanks!

  7. It would be nice to be able to combine two conditions – anyone got any idea how to do if (it’s 7:45am AND the forecast is raining) send me an sms?

  8. hmm – weather(rain)->google calendar(new event 8:45), trust google to sms me an hour before events would work. Looks like you need an intermediate step, anyway.

    Now someone write a version of Game of Life in it.

  9. Looks very cool, however from the Privacy Policy:

    “In some cases, we may choose to buy or sell assets. In these types of
    transactions, customer information is typically one of the business
    assets that is transferred”

    I’m going to ask them to clarify that.

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