Lord of the Rings bluegrass: "Ballad of Helm's Deep"

Kevin sez, "The Fellowship of the Strings finally recorded their hot new single, The Ballad of Helm's Deep! We think the Boing Boing crowd would definitely get a kick out of our music, and of course we've included the lyrics and guitar chords if anyone would like to learn it."

They're no Lords of the Rhymes, but that's still some fine, filky, nerdy fingerpickin'. The Ballad of Helm's Deep


  1. It should be pointed out that today would have been the 100th birthday of Bill Monroe, the (as far as I know) uncontested father of Bluegrass.

  2. Nickel Creek and its respective band members have had a few Lord of the Rings bluegrass instrumentals. In the House of Tom Bombadil on their first album (no relation to the Leonard Nimoy version) and then Chris Thile had a song called Riddles in the Dark on his solo album (which was also called “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”)

  3. Acoustic does not equal bluegrass. There’s no banjo, no fiddle, no mandolin and no bass. It’s just filk.

  4. I don’t know if a banjo is a requirement but you have to do a little more than strum an acoustic to be considered bluegrass.

  5. They may also want to reconsider that verse right after the first chorus. The one that suggests that the Lord of their strings is Jackson not Tolkien.

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