Getting airfare bargains like a travel ninja

Nomadic Matt, a self-described "travel hacker," takes readers through a detailed look at how he scores his best deals on airfares. He comparison shops, then tries to beat the best price through the airline's site (include the airline's foreign sites), then checks for better deals by varying his travel dates. It sounds like a lot of work, but he certainly seems to get better airfares than I do.
However, for me, travel hacking is more than that. It is about bringing costs as close to zero as possible. Since only the die-hards really want to spend hours and hours putting together mileage routes that get might get them 100 extra miles or reading the fine print to find a loophole they can exploit, I’ve put together this guide for the casual traveler who still wants to travel cheap but not might have the time nor the desire to be a black belt level travel ninja:
The Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide (via Consumerist)