SVK Warren Ellis/UV ink comic is back on sale

SVK, the fab Warren Ellis/D'Israeli comic published by London's BERG with hidden UV ink action, sold out in hours. The second printing just came back from the printers and it's back on sale.


  1. Got one of the first run. It’s a fun project, but the UV torch they send with it is not very good at all. Its weak, meaning you have to read it in the near dark, and the button to turn it on is really hard to keep held down, making it painful to read.

    My solution was to read it in one of the many junkie proof toilets in Dublin, since they are lit solely with UV light.

  2. I picked this up in the first run.  It was interesting, but I didn’t think the story made clever enough use of the technology, the flashlight was fairly weak, and, as a whole, wasn’t worth the money it took to ship internationally across the ocean.  If you can pick it up in the UK with cheap shipping, it’s not too bad, but getting it to the US basically doubled the cost.

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