Wilco invites fans to make videos of their home towns, to be projected on tour while band plays

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The great American alt-country-rock-whatever band Wilco, whom I love dearly, invites their fans to shoot video of the cities they're touring in. Some of the resulting videos "may be projected behind the band during the show in your town," says Wilco, "So break out your camera and show us what your city looks like to you."

More guidance:

When you're shooting, keep the important stuff and movement to the top 1/3rd of the frame - this is where the projections will be most visible on our stage set. Please check the Vimeo page for more details and guidelines. Have fun & we can't wait to see what you come up with!

VIDEO ABOVE: "Born Alone" from Wilco's upcoming album "The Whole Love," out September 27, 2011 on dBpm Records (and alternately offered in 180gm vinyl!). Directed by Mark Greenberg. This album RULES.

(thanks, Mikael Jorgensen and Michael Brown!)


  1. It’s a fun idea, videoing your town for their local shows, but I hope Wilco has adequate legal counsel.  They could find themselves in a litigious thicket if persons or corporate entities in a certain town didn’t appreciate their likenesses, logos or trademarks being flashed at a Wilco show sans permission.  Sample-clearing, anyone?

  2. The Arcade Fire did a similar, cool project integrating home towns with music. It was a video rendered using Chrome that was individualized to each viewer. You put in your home address and it would integrate Google Street-Views of your neighborhood into the video. I really enjoyed it.

    Check it out: http://www.chromeexperiments.com/arcadefire

  3. What, Wilco thinks the west ends in Austin? They’ll never play small town Washington state, more’s the pity, as the sort of folks they sing about live here.

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