6-year-old finds rare fossil


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  1. Spitty Sumo says:

    as someone who used to dig up rocks and such out of my parents’ and grandparents’ yards, please allow me to be the first to express my envy and admiration! i loved dinosaurs (still do) and always hoped i’d find bones or fossils. i got all excited once thinking i’d found some indian pottery, but it was just some old sewer/water pipe. :( i did eventually get to find come civil war era stuff (and develop shoulder muscles) when i took an archaeology class in college, though!

  2. MatthewKrohn says:

    *hyperventilates*  The anchor said she’s living the archaeologist’s dream!  ARCHAEOLOGISTS DON’T DIG DINOSAURS

  3. fraac says:

    I like getting mucky. Tee hee!

  4. Patrick Byrne says:

    Well one time I found an arrow head…that’s cooler then a bone right?

    Right guys?

    …OK I’m jealous.

  5. fraac says:

    I found lots of small ammonites at Lyme Regis. Some other guy found a dinosaur patella. He was really proud but I was more impressed with complete tiny ammonites. “That’s not even a full animal!” I didn’t say to him.

  6. Rich Keller says:

    What a great find! Whether or not she decides to stick with paleontology, this is something she’ll never forget. Wasn’t there an ammmonite in the Nemesis video?

    She reminds me a little bit of Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen. I’m not sure which one, though, I always mix them up.

  7. CountZero says:

    I used to find fossils when I was only a little older than she is, usually belemnites in gravel dug from the same area, but occasionally sea urchin or chrinoid sections in the local limestone. I’ve got some nice ammonites still kicking around somewhere as well. She’s a lucky little girl, finding a fossil as spectacular as that, and she’s from my home town, Chippenham in Wiltshire as well, which is rather neat, too.

  8. Soliloquy says:

    She’s going to have the best Show & Tell at school ever.

  9. Christopher Shepherd says:


  10. Mister44 says:

    All I’ve found lately are ichnofossils of worm or arthropod burrows. :o/

    Not nearly as exciting, but man, I have found a ton of them in a small area.

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