Halloween makeup tutorial from a 5 year old girl: How to be a sunflower


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  1. kittnkat says:

    O I’m so dead of little yellow dots on a chocolate chip cookie…..I’m afraid my only hope of revival would be one more chicka-chika wowa, please……….. … ..

  2. Mike Baker says:

    Full of awesome. I died.

  3. This is the most adorable thing I’ve seen all hour! :D

  4. danimagoo says:

    She seems to have several other makeup tutorials. I am somewhat embarrassed. I’m 42 and a 5 year old knows way more than I do about makeup. I wonder if she could suggest a good eyeliner that doesn’t make my eyes feel like they’re melting … and that won’t make me look like a chocolate chip cookie. Cookies are so 2008.

  5. OldBrownSquirrel says:

    There are worse ways to die.

  6. Paul Renault says:

    My guess is that by the time she’s in her fifties, she’ll get skin cancer from all the chemicals she’s slathered on her face since she was five…

  7. bolamig says:

    Xeni you know you want a kid.

  8. Laura Nunez says:

    Her name is Madison and her mother is the one who got her into make up and on-line videos and she’s the one that posts them. Odd? Yes. Worse thing you could encourage your child to you? Of course. I chalk this up to an internet assisted game of dress up – admit it, you did this as a kid too but no one was watching. Who knows – she could grow up to be a famous make-up artist or actor/spokesperson some day.

  9. OtherMichael says:

    She looks likes she’s having a grand ol’ time.

    She could host a TV show already, if only cable access. But I bet she wouldn’t blink if it was National. Look how she dealt with the “heckler” (dog barking at the back fence). First she ignores him, then tries to distract him, and finally cuts to a commercial!

  10. SavvyTennisBalls says:

    What is it with Asians and YouTube makeup tutorials?

  11. Undeniably cute, for sure! But when she was putting the eyeshadow around her mouth I couldn’t help but think of this… http://gawker.com/5840694/germans-dont-really-get-american-racism
    Don’t hate me if I ruined this for anyone, It didn’t ruin it for me!

  12. greebo says:

    “A flower? If you go down to willow farm…”


  13. Guest says:

    I am 36 years old and she can use an eyeliner better than I can.

    Also PaulR, the Boing Boing audience might be interested to know that Christine Farlow is a doctor of chiropractic medicine – to assist them when assessing her credentials to make scientific claims.

    • Paul Renault says:

      Yikes, oops, and D’oh! 

      I usually chase my links down completely…thanks for the heads-up.  OK, so how about: “Not a fan of
      Samuel S. Epstein, I guess.”

  14. knoxblox says:

    I see a future for her in Burbank, Hollywood, or NYC.

    I sure wish she was around in ’76 to help me with my Halloween makeup, because my mom made me look more like a puppy dog than the Wolfman.

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