Transparent soft furniture

For Milan design week, furniture company Poltrona Frau exhibited some of its designs covered in transparent PVC without any fill, so that the structural elements were visible. I like the look of this, though it does remind me of the transparent toilets and TVs sold for use in prisons.

Transparent Furniture by Poltrona Frau (via Crib Candy)


  1. So, I wonder: if you’re the kind of old-school mom that puts vinyl coverings on all expensive/nice furniture so that dust and kids’ germs won’t get dirty, do you have get an extra vinyl cover?

  2. I really wish you had a link for the transparent toilets and tvs, all the stuff I’m finding is art project related, not prison chic.  

  3. Nothing like sitting on a metal coil with no foam cushion over it. 

    And I don’t think a transparent toilet would be that great.  An acceptable resin to build it out of wouldn’t be cheap and it might still be hospitable to germs.  Glass would work for the sanitation aspect, but if broken might turn into a weapon.  Stainless steel, while not cheap or transparent does seem the way to go.

    That is until someone comes up with some transparent aluminum.

  4. This may be the solution to my cat+furniture problem. I wonder how likely they are to stick their claws into transparent vinyl. I have yet to find comfortable stainless steel mesh seating arrangements, but still looking. 

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