Flying Spaghetti Monster cosplayer

DotD snapped this excellent photo of an adorable Flying Spaghetti Monster cosplayer at this year's DragonCon.I love the noodly appendages!

Flying Spaghetti Monster (sexy version!)


  1. As much as I despise those cosplay nerds may thay all be kicked out of moms’ basements…this cutie gets a pass for her Sacrilegious  depiction of our Noodly apparition ..may my sauce be w/her

  2. Are you sure she wasn’t some renegade knitter on acid whose yarn exploded all over the place?

    Also she should win an award for being a cosplayer who did not use sateen or fleshcolored pantyhose.

  3. DragonCon was GREAT this year.  I saw this young lady, Jesus and lots of chubby girls in corsettes.  I also saw every kind of zombie and a guy with a steam-powered boom box (of all things).  DragonCon RULES!!!!!!!

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