Jedi Kittens with Light Sabers


12 Responses to “Jedi Kittens with Light Sabers”

  1. Plum_P says:

    too cute!

  2. George Lucas has gone too far with all his changes to Star Wars.

  3. cinerik says:

    And while it’s playing, google is bombarding me with adverts for pet euthanasia…  Damnit, now I need a kitten chaser for my kittens.

  4. Phikus says:

    Kittens. Star Wars. Two great memes that taste great together…

  5. Kimmo says:

    Too much awesome : D

  6. Piperbum says:

    One step closer to reality?  Meow Skywalker

  7. skyhawk1 says:

    I love it! There I said it!

  8. Dicrel Seijin says:

    This brought a smile to my face. Thank you for that. It has been a long week.

  9. CH says:

    Heh. :) That was seriously cute, and funny! … and now I need to make Star Wars ships out of cardboard, too… and I just took a lot of cardboard boxes for recycling… aww, crap!

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