Lawrence Welk driving a car with a record player in the dashboard

Continuing in the theme of vintage hi-fidelity audio devices in automobiles of yore: This scanned image, and a very interesting story that accompanies it, are shared in the Boing Boing Flickr pool by reader Casey.


  1. Welk might have been a secret NSU booster, but he’s sitting in a ’55 Dodge in the picture. And the Hi-way Hi-fi only played special discs that you got from your local dealership: Goodman maybe, probably not Miles though. 

    1. Right about it being a Dodge.

      He was driving an NSU when I met him, but he said he also has Dodges that his sponsor gave him.

      Regards, Casey

  2. Although much of the Lawrence Show was corny, there were many very cool performances done on the show.  I’ve been collecting my favorites on a youtube playlist, titled ‘The Hip Side of Lawrence Welk’
    My favorites are the ones that involve astronaut costumes (i.e. Arthur Duncan tap dancing to ‘That Old Devil Moon’ …also Sandi & Sally performing ‘We’ll Make it to the Moon’ )

  3. I remember being annoyed at car cd players skipping every time there was even the slightest bump in the road.  This has to have been at least five times worse.

  4. This was a sweet variation on the theme of car record players that my pal’s dad had as a kid. It actually played pretty steadily diring a drive, unless you hit a REAL bad bump or pothole.

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