Mexican Independence Day video jam: Herb Alpert vs. Tres Delincuentes


7 Responses to “Mexican Independence Day video jam: Herb Alpert vs. Tres Delincuentes”

  1. undeadsinatra says:

     “this old-school ’90s rap-en-Español track..”

    This part of sentence does not compute.  “Old School” = pre-Run-D.M.C.’s first album.
    “Classic or Golden Era” = Run D.M.C’ first album – Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle”

    This is a Golden Era track.

  2. That was on big rotation on Viva, the German music TV channel, in 96-97 when I was working in Switzerland. Brings back memories. Mainly of spaetzle.

  3. GagHalfrunt says:

    But where are the pointy boots?

  4. That is one helluva catchy riff.

  5. LaHaine says:

    The second video doesn’t play in Germany. :-(

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