Shelley Duvall says, "Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall," over and over


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  1. Mesmerizing: agreed. These are all from the under-appreciated “Faerie Tale Theatre” TV series from the ’80s, btw.

  2. There’s a definite “sometimes behaves so strangely” effect going on.

  3. Teller says:

    Awesome how in the forest scene she paused between “Hello” and – I can’t remember the next line – but it was cool!

  4. strangefriend says:

    Now, can you get us the scene in Thieves Like Us where she takes a bath in a tub?  (Animal sound.)

  5. Hugh Johnson says:

    …and it ends with a rat.

  6. stuck411 says:

    Ms. Duvall was on the children’s VHS-tape bandwagon long before Barney & the others came along. About her time the kiddie tapes were atrocious things. Think kids in 80s clothes & colors method-acting their way through a self-written moral story. Oh, and with forgettable public domain music thrown into the mix as well. She turned that drivel into something better and raised the bar for others. Cheers to Shelley Duvall! 

  7. get thee to an auto-tuner STAT

    • Donald Petersen says:

      Never mind the auto-tune; from the point where she closes her parasol she starts laying down one hellacious groove for a stretch there.  I wanna hear someone stitch together some of Robin Williams’ Popeye mutterings over that beat.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        I wanna hear someone stitch together some of Robin Williams’ Popeye mutterings over that beat.

        When Popeye came out, one reviewer described Ms. Duvall as miscast in the role that she was born to play.

        • IceCream says:

          “…miscast in the role she was born to play.”  Ouch!  Reminds me of this comment:  “Mitt Romney is always perceived as the second best candidate, even when there is no first best candidate.” 

        • ernunnos says:

          Be that as it may, “He Needs Me” justifies the whole thing.

      • Guest says:

        OMG, I want that, too! 

  8. embryoconcepts says:

    I remember the first time I watched The Shining…she was scarier than Jack.

  9. James Mason says:

    Oh – I just wanted it to end with Rocky yelling “Yoh – Adrian!!!”

  10. Frank Farmer says:

    Hi I’m actress Shelly Duvall. You might remember me from such educational films as “Lead Paint: Delicious But Deadly,” and “Here Comes the Metric System!”

  11. nosehat says:

    This is the stuff of nightmares.

    Imagine tossing and turning fitfully in bed.  You begin to sink in to a dream, any dream, but then suddenly, stepping through the door, or the window, or from behind a curtain:  “Hello, I’m Shelley Duvall,” jolting you back to uneasy wakefulness.

    Over and over and over again.  

  12. futnuh says:

    Who is the woman in that video?

  13. Alex says:

    I love you Boing Boing. So goddamn much.

  14. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    Hello I’m Eark the Bunny

    Rinse and repeat!

  15. I wonder what would have happened to her if she hadn’t served breakfast to Robert Altman at the House of Pies. The House of Pies also gave the world Compaq.

  16. pfooti says:

    I’d like to see that mashed up with this meme:

    I’d do it myself, but I’ve got other fish to fry.

  17. lknope says:

    I liked the part where she said “Hello, I’m Shelley Duvall.”

  18. Mirza says:


  19. origilla says:

    Hello, I’m Shelly Duv..NOPE! Chuck Testa!

  20. elldeegee says:

    I have an overwhelming urge to go find an axe…

  21. sickstep says:

    I used to watch Faerie Tale Theatre as a child which made The Shining all the more scary once I saw it.

  22. nanuq says:

    I believed her the first time, there was no need for her to repeat herself.

  23. Andrew C says:

    Hello, amsheliduvah.

  24. Their feldspars says:

    For some reason, I’m struck with the urge to go to Key West.

  25. Dean Putney says:

    Hello. I’m not Shelley Duval.

  26. nemryn says:

    Let’s hope she never meets Princess Daisy.

  27. MDwebguy says:

    Hello, I’m Shelley Duvall… and you’re not.

  28. Layne says:

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…

  29. InsertFingerHere says:

    Mom just yelled at me for playing that thing…     oh, she was mad.

  30. anderalert says:

    “Hello, I’m Shelley….LINE!” “Cut…try it again.”

  31. ackpht says:

    I saw “Popeye” in a 300-seat theater with three people in it. No one and nothing associated with that film could come away unscarred.  

  32. mat catastrophe says:

    I like the Popeye film.


  33. dahlia says:

    mm … nope, not mesmerizing.

  34. MelSkunk says:

    Interesting! Who’s the actress in this?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      San Francisco was notorious for getting Broadway shows with all the Broadway actors removed. When it was announced that Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music was coming to town, one critic wrote, “Really? Who’s starring in it?”

  35. JonGilbert says:

    Running “Hello, I’m Shelly Duval” through Bad Translator yields “Hello, my name is laidvuaer.”.
    I have no idea what a “laidvuaer” is, but I bet it has to do with giraffes. 

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