Steampunky junkbots

Spaceboy Robot makes beautiful, steampunky junkbot sculptures; he's also a talented photographer of same, and he has an Etsy store (though it's on hiatus).

Spaceboy Robot (via Neatorama)


    1. As Lobster has pointed out, in this place, no.

      But I do hope steampunk can rise above the use of nonfunctional gears as a design motif. I’m all for gears, but only if the =do= something, or at least look like they could. I think any mechanical bits should spark the imagination; if they are obviously nonfunctional, it’s not nearly as interesting.

      To be fair, this junkbot is pretty sweet, and only indulges a tiny bit in superfluous gearage.

      1. Agreed.  While scrollwork is decorative, gears have never been.  We’ve been seeing a flood of cheap, knock-off steampunk lately and it just looks bad.

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