Internet Archive adds its three millionth scanned book


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  1. mat catastrophe says:

     But google lets us google to google what google we google is google a google when google googles we google googles.

  2. Gulliver says:

    Hmm…this thread needs love.

    Go, IA!

    Keep the torch or Michael Hart burning bright.

  3. Michael says:

    Google is the new smurf!

  4. Bill Hart says:

    Online for who? I type “algebra” in the search, and hundreds of titles come up. But nothing actually readable online after about 1915. There’s been a few minor changes in the subject since then.

  5. dayna says:

    I love IA for genealogy research. Most of the family/county history books I’m interested in are long out of print and have such specific subject matter than they’re impossible to find at the library. (It doesn’t help that my local library doesn’t offer inter-library loan services.) But, almost without fail, the Internet Archive will have the book I’m looking for.

  6. I can’t think of anything more wonderful than the legacy of Stem Hart.  There should be kittens and unicorns for him. Any comments/reminiscences/ideas from Cory and the BB folks? Srsly. Seems he had a big impact on you guys/gals.

  7. footage says:

    There are lots of post-1923 public domain works (and works scanned with permission of rightsholders) in the Internet Archive book collection.

  8. Andrew Harkavy says:

    Entropy is maximized here. No Link.

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