Barn Owl's "Turiya" video

Barn Owl -- the heavy, minimalist, trance-inducing collaboration between Bay Area guitarist Jon Porras and Evan Caminiti -- have released a stunning new LP, titled Lost in the Glare. On this release, the guitars are complemented by a Farfisa organ, Juno 60 synthesizer, bass clarinet, manipulated cassette tapes, tanpura, gong, and drums. The video above, for the track Turiya, provides a potent dose of the Barn Owl sound that Aquarius Records elegantly describes as "darkly epic doom folk dronedrift dreaminess." Download the MP3 for free here, courtesy of Thrill Jockey records.


  1. Bonus Monday FreakOut? What an excellent find.  Then again, of course it’s excellent– it’s on Thrill Jockey.  In return, some Tape:

  2. Thanks! There’s always a place in my heart (and my audio files) for “darkly epic doom folk dronedrift dreaminess”! :-)

  3. Korean samul nori (percussion) would work perfectly with this type of sound.  They should really consider such since there are so many good Korean traditional percussionists.

  4. This may seem two or three degrees off-course, but the sound immediately reminded me of that great old paisley underground sound, a la Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval or Galaxie 500.

    1. I just heard Mazzy Star on the radio today and remembered how much I loved her music. She also did some nice collaborations with Jesus & Mary Chain who, along with Spacemen 3, were the 1980s masters of the guitar drone.

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