Kevin Kidney's Hatbox Ghost

Kevin and Jody Kidney created this one-off maquette of Colin Campbell's 1969 illustration depicting The Hatbox Ghost, a very short-lived illusion that was once part of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. They're bringing it to the Walt Disney World 40th birthday celebration on Sept 30/Oct 1 (gutted to be missing this!)
As far as we know, we've never seen a three-dimensional figure based on Campbell's Haunted Mansion illustrations, so this may very well be the first. Our 8-1/4" tall ghost was cast from my sculpture and then hand-painted by Jody in Campbell's illustrative style, with "hair" fibers added on as a final touch. The maquette is displayed on a wooden base made of antique weathered barn wood, under a glass bell jar. When viewed through the wavy glass, the figure takes on a mildly distorted appearance that makes him even more ghostly.
Ghoulish Delight


  1. Maybe I spend too much time reading Boing Biong and Ars Technica, but as soon as I saw this I thought “Patent Troll”!

  2. Circa 2005/2006 Disney made a limited edition large resin version of the Hat Box Ghost. I think it was only available at this one store in California Adventure. It’s pale green, lights up and is pretty damn awesome. My ex-boyfriend has one. I’ll see if I can find a photo.

      1. Nope! That thing looks pretty cool though too. Disney freaks love their pins. The one I was talking about is HUGE. Stands like 2 feet tall.

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