Lewis Shiner's new suspense novel DARK TANGOS as a free download; the action-packed, ugly history of Argentina

Lewis Shiner (one of my favorite writers!) sez, "My latest suspense novel, DARK TANGOS, is now available as a free PDF download from my Fiction Liberation Front website. The starred review from BOOKLIST said, 'Delivers its grim story line with artistic mastery....Short and precise, the novel uses the elegance of tango to radiate sensuality throughout. This is an absorbing and surprisingly action-packed tale based in the ugly truths of Argentina's history.'"

The book is also available as an article of commerce, should you be moved to financially support Mr Shiner's outstanding efforts.

Dark Tangos (free PDF)

Dark Tangos (Amazon)

(Thanks, Lewis!)


  1. By the looks of that laptop, it may also be honest about the part the U.S. played in fomenting the action-packed, ugly history of Argentina (home of the original 9-11).

    1. Laptop leapt out at me too. Whoever designed and/or signed that cover off needs one in the kneecap. Maybe from that huge, perspective-distorted revolver.

  2. Oh, dear.  I’ll have to read this book. I lived in Argentina as an ex-pat in the early 70’s at the time Perón returned from Spain.I never did find out if my Argentine friends from that time survived the bad years.

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