Mitch Horowitz's Occult New York Walking Tour


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  1. zombiebob says:

    I’ve got to check this out. OF course there is a whole ‘underworld’ in NYC that is unknown unless one is in the know… Afro-cuban houses of worship, Mc-Wiccan covens, Curanderos, Santa Muerte ‘congregations’ etc… Closest most people will get would be walking by a Botanica and peering in.

  2. Trevcaru says:

    Cool stuff, i recently aquired some occult manuscripts from the 20s and prior to: Vigil of the Dead, The Master Mind, The living Clay, Handbook of Vibrations, etc… Very rare. 

  3. Guest says:

    Dang! Ectoplasm right out the ear! :O

  4. Guest says:

    This is *so* interesting.  I love it.
    I ordered the book just now.

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