Facehugger-inspired leather mask


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  1. Goodfella says:

    Reminds me of the movie Alien

  2. PaulDavisTheFirst says:

    ah, life with small children.

  3. ChuckieJesus says:

    Like a cleaned-up version of Evil’s helm in Time Bandits… 

  4. princessalex says:

    As a fun add-on, I ran across the Museum Syndicate webpage.  You can play with HR Giger’s works as puzzles!  (There are also hundreds of other artists, of course.)  http://www.museumsyndicate.com/artist.php?artist=561

  5. RobDobbs says:

    Yeah, they’re doing it wrong. Mayhaps this would be better named as HeadHugger? What’s that thing from that videogame series, the one Portal spawned from? They had headhuggers a little more similar to this. 

    It’s nice otherwise. I wouldn’t wear it to a wedding, but it’s nice all the same. 

  6. bolamig says:

    Just wear a monocle so you don’t poke your eye out.

  7. I’m running a sweepstake on how many of these Cory owns.  Another for how many he’s allowed to keep at home.

  8. You know, if you get any funny looks from RyanAir from wearing custom-tailored forward-pitching shoplifting^Wconcert festival vestments, wearing this ought to get you a pass. See if they confiscate your eggs over 3oz., though. (Tell me I have my fetish taxonomy right?)

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