Facehugger-inspired leather mask

From Ukrainian steampunk/fetish mask maker Bob Baset, the Hugger Head mask, "Slightly reinterpreted Giger monster. It now manages the object. Or maybe it’s a happy symbiosis?"

Hugger head Leather Mask


    1. I’m going to assume that you’re not trying to be sarcastic, and that you really don’t know that H.R. Giger was the creator of the alien in Alien.  And, that Facehugger was the name affectionately given to the alien (well, one stage of it, anyway).  Check out this Alien Species Wikipedia page on it for more info:   http://aliens.wikia.com/wiki/Facehugger

  1. Yeah, they’re doing it wrong. Mayhaps this would be better named as HeadHugger? What’s that thing from that videogame series, the one Portal spawned from? They had headhuggers a little more similar to this. 

    It’s nice otherwise. I wouldn’t wear it to a wedding, but it’s nice all the same. 

  2. You know, if you get any funny looks from RyanAir from wearing custom-tailored forward-pitching shoplifting^Wconcert festival vestments, wearing this ought to get you a pass. See if they confiscate your eggs over 3oz., though. (Tell me I have my fetish taxonomy right?)

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