Indie filmmaker and mensch seeks Toronto locations


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  1. sincarne says:

    Passed around. Pretty sure I have friends with places that could do all the above.

  2. Shane K says:

    They could always do it in the method of Werner Herzog Rogue Film School — find a spot, shoot fast, and have a forged permit just in case.

  3. Jeff Tessier says:


    Are you able to shoot in Hamilton?  If so, there’d be many options for you, and cheaper than what you’d pay in T.O.  Contact the Hamilton film office:

    For the “family home, mid- to up-scale” shoots, contact me (in Hamilton): jeffreytessier (at) gmail

  4. Michael Dickinson says:

    Or contact the LMGA — Locations Managers Guild —

  5. Robert Cruickshank says:

    “A WAREHOUSE/LOFT: Low-rent, down-scale.” If you have access to a time machine, this would be easy. But if you had access to a time machine, you’d be looking at dinosaurs instead of making movies. 

  6. Best of luck Kate!  You are awesome for posting this Cory.

  7. Private Private says:

    I have a suggestion: Contact the great folks at ‘Balzac’s Coffee’ in the Distillery District. They’ve got a sweet place there in a converted warehouse. The owner is a Stratford, ON native and because of the Festival there, she’s been very supportive of the arts. Awesome friggin’ coffee, BTW. I am lost in Kingston without it.

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