Indie filmmaker and mensch seeks Toronto locations

My dear old friend Kate Melville, a brilliant Canadian playwright and TV writer, has just gotten her first feature film, and she's looking for cheap locations in Toronto: "We are a small, courteous, professional crew trying to make the best movie we can and your consideration would be greatly appreciated. We are in search of the following settings, in the Greater Toronto Area - the closer to downtown the better:
A HOUSE: A family home, mid- to up-scale. We're looking for a main floor (living room, kitchen, maybe a dining room) and a basement we could dress as a teenaged boy's bedroom. We are scheduled for 4 days of shooting in this location.

A WAREHOUSE/LOFT: Low-rent, down-scale. The more industrial looking the better, preferably with large, open spaces and little privacy. We are scheduled to shoot for 1 day in this location.

AN APARTMENT/CO-OP UNIT: Down-scale, run-down (we could dress it to look right). We're looking for the main floor, primarily the living room, and one bedroom. We are shooting for 1 day in this location.

Please, please, please call (416.473.2545) if you have, or know of, any place that could remotely fit one of the above locations.


  1. “A WAREHOUSE/LOFT: Low-rent, down-scale.” If you have access to a time machine, this would be easy. But if you had access to a time machine, you’d be looking at dinosaurs instead of making movies. 

  2. I have a suggestion: Contact the great folks at ‘Balzac’s Coffee’ in the Distillery District. They’ve got a sweet place there in a converted warehouse. The owner is a Stratford, ON native and because of the Festival there, she’s been very supportive of the arts. Awesome friggin’ coffee, BTW. I am lost in Kingston without it.

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