Playing games to fight HIV


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  1. justanothercynic says:

    While things like folding@home aren’t new I am pleased to see the level of publicity that it has achieved over the last few weeks and I hope more people get involved!

  2. cleek says:

    soon, they’ll be fighting hordes of Bugs in a simulation of a great space battle!


  3. AwesomeRobot says:

    Foldit is available on OSX, Linux, and Windows from – Anyone with a bit of patience can play it with absolutely no knowledge of protein folding. It’s kind of like those random physical puzzles that you essentially just fuck around with until you figure out the right position – The main difference is that if you’re playing foldit you’re doing science and being awesome instead of fiddling around with some bits of wood and string.

  4. Merrick Meyers says:

    Mary Poppins nods approvingly.

  5. dagfooyo says:

    Heard about this just yesterday.  So excited about the future of gaming – if it can help cure disease, what other wonderful uses can games be put to?  How else can we harness the combined brainpower of the world’s gamers to bring about positve change in the world?

  6. Daemonworks says:

    “Almost close to perfect” you say?

  7. Dan B says:

    @ justanothercynic: Folding@home and FoldIt are two completely different bioinformatics projects.

  8. Mark A says:

    So how many points do they get for that?

    • Lobster says:

      Points as a convention are actually becoming more and more uncommon these days, except in tallying the most basic elements, more like a game of football than the arcade games of old.

      That said, I’m sure that at some point during all of this, one player called another a homosexual for fighting HIV like a noob.

  9. So who owns the patent on what is created? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say probably not the creators…

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