AT-AT Walker made of pancakes

Jim, the resident genius at Jim's Pancakes, has made an AT-AT Walker OUT OF PANCAKES! PANCAKES!
Total time to create it was about 15 minutes, mostly because it took a while to get the legs “crispy” enough to hold up the body. From there, I placed the parts back on the griddle and used more pancake batter as “glue”. If you let the parts sit on low heat for long enough, the batter eventually cooks through and makes a nice strong connection.
And hey, lookit that, Jim's got a book coming out on making pancake art!

Star Wars Pancakes! (via Craft)


  1. “Lord Vader, I’ve reached the Rebel coffee percolator. The java will be done in moments. You may start your bacon now.”

      1. Yes it’s mine, but credit should also go to the Anchor Brewing Company of San Francisco for synaptic lubrication.

  2. I guess Jim also has “PAGNOSSIN Ironstone Made In Italy” chinaware from Crate & Barrel. JIM! Be forewarned! The oven and even the dishwasher will quickly turn your expensive plates and bowls into a cracked and discolored shadow of their former selves!!!! Hand wash only!

  3. The good news: this wins the award for putting the biggest smile on my face today.

    The bad news: George Lucas already has his team working on newer, better, CGI maple syrup snow drifts.

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