Lurid cover art from 1950s comic, Witches Tales


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  1. mgmars says:

    Today I learned that being a buxom beauty in a red dress all but guarantees you’ll die a gruesome death at the hands of bizarre and supernatural forces.

  2. wertham wouldn`t have been very disturbed by most of those…  the bad ones were much worse.

  3. Huwman says:

    This is beautiful work that often even rivaled the EC output. Lee Elias and warren Kremer were just two of the top notch artists that worked on these. What inspirations these guys were and still are!

  4. Syd says:

    I hope this is the start of “Weird Witches Wednesday”.

  5. HenryPootel says:

    Someone needs to learn to use smaller preview images…

  6. samovar100 says:

    My LIFE is a torture jar.

  7. pjcamp says:

    Too much rouge on the mads, there.

  8. MonsterMan says:

    Man, that blog is slow as molasses! Those are some big images on there.

  9. Charles H. says:

    Wertham didn’t help things, but he wasn’t the catalyst. If you want to blame somebody, blame the big publishers of the time — in particular National Periodicals, now DC, and Archie Comics — who saw it as a golden opportunity to kill off the competition that was cutting heavily into their sales.

    (There’s also a bit of a date problem. The hearings into juvenile delinquency that focused on comics in particular were already scheduled and, if I recall correctly, may have actually already been under way by the time Seduction of the Innocent hit the press.)

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