MetaMaus by Art Spiegelman -- book trailer


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  1. Mister44 says:

    The original Maus was fantastic! Maus II was great too. One of the things I liked was his un-sanitized portrayal of his father. He isn’t made into a mythical hero – just reflected who he was, which at times included being a coward (onset of war in Poland), to having the same prejudices against ‘schwartzers’  that he faced as a Jew. A fantastic history.

  2. Syn - says:

    i was obsessed with maus as a kid. I think i may have read it like 16 times in a row. Never before had i been so attached by a book, not even by primo levi. There was something so close about him… 
    Now my first tome is in the possesion of my first comic book teacher, i hope he is doing fine. Guess now is a good as time as any to buy that one back and now this one. Thanks for the heads up. 

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