Admiral Ackbar TRAP poster in the style of Fairey's HOPE design


32 Responses to “Admiral Ackbar TRAP poster in the style of Fairey's HOPE design”

  1. liquidstar says:

    It’s a TRAP!

  2. Teller says:

    It’s a SHEP!


  3. The Outside says:

    Is it 2008 still?

  4. BarBarSeven says:

    What’s the Mon Calamari stance on the debt ceiling?

  5. BarBarSeven says:

    What about the Mon Calamari stance on the Troubled Asset Relief Program? Is the TARP a TRAP?

  6. Sooper8 says:

    I am so bloody bored of this re-cylcing of the ‘Hope’ thing. A slight glimpse of these damn colours scrolling up onto my screen makes and I audibly exhale.
    Yes, I liked it at the time and it’s a iconic image, but come on now lets move along!

  7. My wife just told me that this poster is better than the entire film “Revenge of the Sith”, which our son made us watch tonight.  She’s so right.

  8. The Tim says:

    I prefer the Axe Cop version:

  9. Frank Diekman says:

    Ugh. Can we PLEASE stop with the Obama poster parodies? They’re as old now as Matrix “bullet-time” parodies.

  10. Genre Slur says:

    “As a non-USA ‘dude’, I feel beholden to pointing out that the content of these palimsistic (sic) versions of the early 20th century-style propaganda poster many Americans seem to be ‘suckered’ by is not helping matters. Hold the fucker to his word, or take the power back. 2nd rate graph/design masturbation dialogue is doing NOTHING for your ‘image’.”– Sincerely, Earth.

  11. knocky smith says:

    Ackbar’s got it goin’ on
    Look what I did once

  12. I’m fine with Obama poster parodies. He is still the president, so they still seem kind of current to me. What I could do with a little less of in my life is Star Wars stuff. Could we find a fresher source of pop-culture references, please?

    • Guest says:

      For my part, I am sick to death of all the free ice cream. What I need is a complaint box, delivered to my home, free, daily, where I can kvetch about what other people make for their own amusement and selfishly present to me for my approval, like the roman emperor I am.

      And grapes, BRING ME GRAPES

  13. ChurchTucker says:

    They didn’t need to change it from Obama.

  14. Rosscott says:

    I actually sell a t-shirt with a slightly different take on the TRAP joke:

  15. moop2000 says:

    I’ll stick with this Fairey homage from James Hance.

    Source link:

    • snagglepuss says:

      I’m wearing that shirt as I type.

      And thinking that these various parodies are about Obama is missing the point – They’re not about O, they’re about the over-simplification of complex, nuanced idea into dumbed-down, “Iconic” slogans. Such as:

  16. benher says:

    It’s funny because you can replace Akbar with Obama, McCain, Bush, or basically anyone and it’s still accurate… 

  17. Andy Simmons says:

    It was funny when this exact design came out on a t-shirt at TeeFury two years ago:

  18. Brainspore says:

    I’m just happy whenever I see one of these that actually required some graphic arts skill to produce. At least 95% of the “hope” parodies out there are just lazy posterizing filter jobs that took 5 minutes in Photoshop.

  19. snagglepuss says:


    Such as:

  20. snagglepuss says:

    Dammit. Picture fail. Sorry.

  21. Bubba73 says:

    Well that’s like, your opinion man.

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