FBI arrests alleged LulzSec member in AZ for Sony hack

The FBI has arrested 23-year-old Cody Andrew Kretsinger of Phoenix, Arizona on charges of stealing data from Sony Pictures Entertainment earlier this year. Prison: not so lulzy. More from Elinor Mills at CNET News, from Kim Zetter at Wired.com, and at AP.


  1. In udder news, via bad publicity hidemyass.com will be declaring bankruptcy ….

    I have to wonder if they got the right people… using hidemyass.com from their own homes? Seems too amateurish. There are wireless methods much, much smarter than this. Jeez…

  2. Here’s an interesting part from the PDF indictment against Kretsinger via section C explaining hidemyass.com:

    A proxy server has a large variety of potential uses, one of which is to attempt to hide one’s true Internet Protocol or “IP” address from others, and to thereby remain anonymous.

    I think attempt is the key word thar.

  3. OMFG.

    If you visit a decent ip lookup site when using a shitty web proxy it almost always passes on the IP chain through the proxy back to the end user. What a disappointingly novice cover method for one of the biggest hacks this year. PS3 addicts everywhere will be happy they got the guy.

    Why he didn’t just jack someone’s wireless is a complete and utter mystery!

    1. Why he didn’t just jack someone’s wireless is a complete and utter mystery!

      Or maybe she did?  How do we know they got the right… person?

  4. I’m disappointed. 
    For their missteps, I still feel the world needs it’s LulzSex and Anonymi.Law enforcement is probably waging a frothing cabal against these kids mostly because it’s their job, but I’m sure there’s more than a little extra zeal since they’ve all been caught in criminal behavior of their own. Once the authorities are no longer subject to their own laws, isn’t it basically as good as a free for all? The moral highground against the powers that be isn’t to grab your ankles and prepare your colon for the thousandth time. 

    I’ll probably get slammed for saying this, but these are the new Idealists, Revolutionaries and Patriots of our time.

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