Found object assemblage bird-houses


7 Responses to “Found object assemblage bird-houses”

  1. nicholasm says:

    Put a bird in it.

  2. Shellyfish says:

    Those are lovely.  I enjoy unusual birdhouses.  My brother and his wife
    gave me a birdhouse built by the Birdhouse Man.  His are found object
    too, but more of the junkyard variety.

  3. marukosu says:

    It looks very nice, but I wonder how functional a metal birdhouse would be?

    Unless that function is to roast up some feathery snacks, of course.

  4. CH says:

    Yeah, lots of seriously pretty bird houses (although is it just me, or do the edges of the hole look a bit sharp?). But I, too, wonder if it is meant just for decoration or actual use, as… well… hard or soft boiled eggs to go with the roast mentioned above? Dunno… I think I rather have it as a bird feeder, just in case…

  5. princessalex says:

    I hope no one’s feelings will be hurt by the birds completely ignoring these “houses.” 

  6. Deidzoeb says:

    For clockwork birds, or little houses to keep your singing bird pistols in?

  7. for_SCIENCE says:

    …and will never actually be used by birds. Or placed outside for that matter.

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