The plight of the homeless turtle

Psst, kid. You want to see a shell-less turtle?


  1. Poor little guys, is there somewhere we can donate? A shelter we can volunteer at?

    Maybe give them some of my recycling so they can be *cardboard* box turtles?

  2. I used to have a pet soft shell turtle.  Much prettier than that.  It had beautiful green, yellow and tan stripes on the legs and neck.  I think it was a Spiny soft shell.  They’re very cool animals.  It did spend a lot of its time burrowed down in the sand in its tank, periodically sticking its head out to the surface to snorkel some air.

  3. The article's_giant_softshell_turtle is short, but contains some priceless stuff:

    “P. cantorii is an ambush predator and primarily carnivorous, feeding on crustaceans, mollusks and fish” – I never would have thought of “ambushing” a mollusk, but then it is a turtle…

    “It surfaces only twice a day to take a breath”.  Whoah.  So this thing holds its breath for about twelve hours at a stretch?  Dude.

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