Bearded scientists: Will they kill us all?


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  1. lknope says:

    Your moustache hairs is in violations…POLICE THAT MOOSTACHE!

  2. There are special masks you can wear that seal all around your beard..I can’t seem to find an image of it at the moment, but it’s kind of like a thin hat with two ties that cross over your face, covering the entire beard.  We have to use it in healthcare for sterile procedures (the usual stock mask that comes in the kits is lifted off the face by the beard so isn’t adequate), you see them a lot in the operating room.

  3. xenphilos says:

    I, for one, fully support (hygienic) beard science.

  4. hassenpfeffer says:

    Them thar menfolk look lahk Muzzlems–arrest ‘em and send ‘em to Gitmo! Where’s Dick Cheney’s phone number?!?

  5. Art says:

    We opened for these guys in CBGB’s in 1979 :)

  6. nanuq says:

    If hair is such a danger, shouldn’t they be shaving their heads as well?

    • hassenpfeffer says:

      Agreed. Henceforth, every scientist or technician, regardless of gender, must bathe head to toe in NAIR before entering any laboratory facility.

  7. Tim L says:

    Figure 3 from that paper is going to be the cover of my next album.

  8. Finnagain says:

    Beard news you can ews!

  9. Jon Eisen tweeted this to me just a few minutes ago – the Beardome!

  10. samovar100 says:

    But which one of this fab four was called, “the cute one”?

  11. Jonathan Badger says:

    Of course, the fathers of microbiology, Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch,  had quite impressive beards…

  12. BarBarSeven says:

    Steven Soderbergh’s new project: Hirsute Vector

  13. Lexicat says:

    Ah! So much much fun! One of my students submitted this for a study critique in my quantitative research methods class last fall. Woot!

  14. marcabrahams says:

    The authors were awarded the 2010 Ig Nobel Prize in public health: 

  15. superkuh says:

    If you thought that was funny, then you’ll loved the parody video about the “Beard-ome” (like genome, proteom, etc) made by the hilarious group Hydrocalypse industries,

  16. M says:

    If you put a *really* rare copy of “Yesterday and Today” in the oven and peel carefully, you’ll find this.

  17. David Smith says:

    At least they aren’t wearing ties.  Wasn’t there an earlier article on nastiness transmitted via doctors’ neckties?

  18. jtotheizzoe says:

    I wrote about this same article back in March on the LabSpaces guest blog, and whether it was part of a program to discriminate against un-American science activities.
    Many people found it funny, you might too.

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