Astronaut Ron Garan, on what it's like to return to Earth from the ISS

"Plunging over Niagara falls in a burning barrel."—NASA astronaut Ron Garan describes what returning home from the International Space Station feels like. (via @pourmecoffee)


  1. I’m so surprised that this story has no comments yet.  I’m not going to shout ‘first’, but I will ask WTF people?

    Did anyone read his blog entry?  This was blow by blow.  He also tweeted pretty constantly, keeping us folks entertained, then…..he took this picture:  (see previous BB posts)

    I don’t have heroes in many areas, but space-people and war journalists are on the list.  And my fellow townspeople erected a Gagarin statue recently.  I’m so proud of these pioneers.

    Anyone else?              …………tumbleweed…………..

  2. A charring experience.

    It’s really cool to get such a personal account of the transition between living in orbit and setting foot on the one planet again. Man,  I hope humans will build a space elevator in the next few decades. It is said that seeing the Earth from orbit changes you profoundly and seeing what we’re doing to the ecology let’s send as many people into orbit as fast as possible. Even if it’s just the 0.1 percent who own everything. It might just stop them from doing all that damage.

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