Caturday: Calico rolls a D20


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  1. phisrow says:

    I’m too cool to care what kind of skill check I just passed; but I’m not too cool to pass it with extreme prejudice…



  3. Marktech says:

    +10 cute modifier.

  4. Flashman says:

    Interesting quirk I just learned, appropriately enough, from CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks: all calico cats are female.

  5. valdis says:

    Calico cats are *almost* always female.  It’s possible for a chimeric cat that contains DNA from multiple embryos to have calico fur on the part(s) derived from a female embryo and male on other parts.  There’s also the occasional mosaic cat…

    An example:

  6. Paul Renault says:

    Actually, she rolled a 13, but moved the die.

  7. jtegnell says:

    Fat little girl, and missing a fang.

  8. Geeky  cat pics, highly  tweetable.

  9. gwailo_joe says:

    cat is DM obviously.

    rolls critical for Tiamat and all PCs are froze, flambe’d, and shock ed: ‘Goodnight meow! Thank you for playing!  Take some Slice and Mothers cookies home on your way out!’

  10. So, this is strange, but normal.  Step-mom rescued a couple of cats from the vet, twins!  (we may have to put them down!!!)  One cat is ginger, the other is tortoiseshell.  Here’s where it gets strange, the ginger one was female, the tortoiseshell was male.  And they both have ‘thumbs’.  An extra digit.  They are soooooooo close to opening their own food, there will be no use for our continued existence.

    Cute though.  Opening their own foil pouches.  Plotting the downfall of humanity.  Yet still so cuddly.

  11. Peaklet says:

    No one so far has noticed that it’s a spin-down.

  12. Only One d-20?  roll two.  sweet n sour cat has new meaning for me.

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