Skeletal whole-hand bracelet


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  1. GatoRanch says:

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  2. faberglas says:

    Exoskeletal fashion accessories!

  3. David Bolton says:

    I would guess the police could class this as an offensive weapon – just like a “knuckleduster”.

  4. Frank Diekman says:


  5. oasisob1 says:

    ‘worn for the purpose of’. these are a fashion accessory.

  6. Sarah Hilliard says:

    Found a gold version on her site – under ‘bracelets’, last item on the list.

    Reminds me of the vertebrae-style full-finger ring I found a few years back.  Lovely, but a pain in the ass to wear comfortably. 

  7. valdis says:

    I wonder if the huge thirty-leven carat diamond rings worn by some Hollywood types would qualify under the California statute.  Thise things could hurt if you got punched by one…

  8. Max says:

    She’s going to regret that auto play audio, now that she’s on BB, her traffic is going to go through the roof and her ISP is going to be really grumpy. :-)

  9. Jesse Cowles says:

    I’ve seen this exact same thing at Hot Topic for like 15 bucks. It’s cool, but it isn’t that impressive…

  10. Thomas Shaddack says:

    Dual-use jewellery! I wonder if it is structurally sound enough to withstand couple punches if used as a brass knuckles. There are many possibilities for such “battle fashion”…

    I wonder if one could be made as a set of heavy rings that get interlocked in certain position of fingers and reinforce the interlock with the force of impact, distributing load on fingers while focusing it to points on the opponent… If designed well enough, could perhaps even pass as jewellery at a police stop.

    A makeshift knucks can be made from a bunch of keys on a ring – hold them so they stick out between your fingers. Even a humble newspaper can be turned into a weapon – see “Millwall brick”.

  11. gwailo_joe says:

    It’s lovely…but it is missing something.

    The last two finger digits need to be clad in about 5 more inches of scalpel-sharp Xacto death

    or hydraulic ice picks…something.

  12. Tichrimo says:

    Reminds me of a Goa’uld hand device.

  13. i found it but only with a gold finish i would be ashame to paint over it but gold is not a color i want draper across my entire hand

  14. Ryan Griffin says:

    I’d rather have this in titanium, please.

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