Rejected designs for the Federal Housing Finance Agency seal


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  1. Mr_Smooth says:

    I would like something with raptors or explosions  please make it happen TIA THNX BY

  2. mtlwriterguy says:

    Clearly they were influenced by the near-lethal blandness of the logo of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. It doesn’t even have a stick-figure representation of a house!

  3. Mark Dow says:

    I’m happy we got what we paid for, and more. The FOIA response letter notes that “…although you did not request it, we are releasing in its entirety the purchase requisition for the logo.”

    And the whole process was safe. The same letter notes that “…all mail sent to the FHFA via the USPS is routed through a national irradiation facility, a process that may delay delivery by approximately two weeks.” I’d like one of those.

    My design, representing a bureauocratic maze of obscurity, was unfortunately rejected for non-circularity.

  4. needsleep99 says:

    I’m gonna cry.

  5. AwesomeRobot says:

    Even on the extremely modest budget of $400 many, far, far more superior logos could have been designed. These are pure awful. 

  6. William Raillant-Clark says:

    Kudos to the Federal Housing Finance Agency. As the author points out by way of the London 2012 example, all too often government agencies go overboard in a lame attempt to give the impression of “private sector efficiency.” $400 is all that needed to be spent and the logo does the trick. It’s not like they have any competitors or even a market to compete in!

  7. yuubi says:

    There’s already an Institute of Heraldry ( ), which is supposed to serve the whole USG.

  8. JohnMc says:

    Actually, the second-to-last of the pre-fax-AI ones, showing the iconic house viewed by helicopter looking down at one corner, is pretty snappy.  I’d pick that one.

    Easily worth $400!

  9. jeligula says:

    There was only one good logo in that entire mess, and it was pretty much the same ‘ol same ‘ol.

  10. robuluz says:

    Whoooooooa!! That one dude made a HOUSE, out of the initials of their name!!! He, like, turned the letters into a picture!!!! And they, like, work with houses, so it totally makes sense!!!!!!!!!


  11. .. .__. says:

    WHAT ?  No Goatse ???

  12. johnTnash says:

    Missing Missy.

  13. benher says:

    What, No Comic Sans?

    Dude… just look at some of those old US Treasury certificates… just look at them! Soak up  the ornate filagree that incorporates miniature dioramas of life within complex interwoven lattices of healing light… peep the finely chiseled chins and noses of dead presidents whose faces are some of the most commonly recognized icons to America. 

    What happened to putting art into design? 

    What, now we demand “Spec” and have “Design Contests” via “Teh Sociel!”…

    This logo is almost beautiful and fitting in the way it represents America’s decline into a Fisher-Price plastic bleached oak flat-pack Made in China cardboard cutout cookie cutter characterless clutter of clusterfuck… 

    Sorry, I think I just need to breath.

  14. Their feldspars says:

    Those really do suck. I agree with JohnMc about the one with the “copter shot”–it’s not fully bad like the others. But that splayed-out “A” on there is driving me nuts! 

    Not worth $40, much less $400.

  15. Chrs says:

    Honestly, GovTech: Not too bad.

  16. Josh Eyre says:

    Design Concept is probably run by one of the stake holders’ wives. She is really good at the Microsoft Word and she’s just started getting into the Photoshop Elements.

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