Google brings the Dead Sea Scrolls online


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  1. Kaffenated says:

    “I see dead sea scrolls.” -  The Sick Sense

  2. Palomino says:


  3. Art says:

    This is absolutely incredible!!!

  4. Lemoutan says:

    What were the Sea Scrolls, and who shot ‘em? [B Cellini, O Wilde]

  5. xenphilos says:

    This is really cool. I spent a weekend some time ago looking at high-res pictures of Da Vinci notebooks and it makes stereotypically boring history lessons much more interesting.

  6. Rider says:

    It’s sad that when something like this happens all I can think of is the conspiracy and prophecy nutjobs that will now have access to this start spewing non-sense derived from this.

  7. mottel says:

    In similar news, the Bodleian Library recently scanned original manuscripts of 12 century scholar, Maimonides’ magnum opus, the Mishne Torah:

  8. kesipalo says:

    I think this is excellent. These are the oldest documents in existence of the Old Testament – now for ALL to see. Yes people will make of it what that will, but this is a leveling ground. You can see it for yourself – now if you could just work on your Hebrew . . .

  9. Ted Bautista says:

    i’m betting someone’s going to claim this is a copyright violation of some form or other…

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