Ruins, a game for Win/OSX

A dog chases rabbits through a dreamlike landscape.


    1. Magnificent, to say the least.  Definitely happy to have discovered this little gem of the often repetitive, increasingly unimaginative (in my personal, admittedly largely uninformed opinion) world of modern computer games.  Jake, keep up the stunning work, I’ll be watching!

  1. 5. If you feel sleepy. go to sleep.

    This game is excellent, though I wish it were a little harder to catch the rabbit each time and the in-between scenes play isn’t long enough and feels too guided to fully enjoy the coolness of the virtual world. I understand this isn’t designed to be a game, as such but its simple dynamics actually make it fun.

  2. Wow! That was wonderful. I love how a casual click on an odd little picture suddenly took me somewhere else so totally magical. Beautiful work.

  3. I ran around a while and ran out of rabbits to talk to. Couldn’t figure out anything else to do so I quit. I’m only willing to spend so much time on what looks to be yet another little indy game about being dead. A nice-looking one to be sure but…

  4. I found the mood pretty cool, but the play tedious…

    I got sick of it after 3 or 4 interactions with the rabbit.

    Maybe I missed the point or something?

  5. I think labeling this as ‘game’ forces one to miss the point a bit.
    It’s really ‘just’ a narrative, presented in a unique way. 
    The interactions with the rabbit, the chase bits… They make the audience pause, they force reflection. They force contemplation.

    They are beautiful commas. Glowing semicolons. Blurry, hazy line endings.

  6. This isn’t a game and not a visual novel either, it doesn’t tell a complete story. Really, it is just what it says — ‘A dog chases rabbits through a dreamlike landscape.’  It seems rabbits represent fragments of memories of dog’s owner.

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