Cash Cats

CA$HCATS.BIZ, via demarko


  1. Words cannot contain how awesome that is. Looks like my ex’s cat that died a few years back.

    I liked the cat better than her.

  2. In this animal shelter, you gotta get the catnip first. Then when you get the catnip, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the kittens.

  3. So, wait. . . let me get this straight, if you fill your litter box with money, the cat will poop guns? 

    Only in America.

    1. Common misconception: Actually, if you place a gun in the litter box, the cat will poop money. Though some speak of a mystical gun which, when placed in a liter box filled with money, will poop out cats…

  4. I’m stackin paper so fast I use dead presidents as litter 
    OG Blacky-C cracking skulls like a designated hitter
    357 to the cranium, I got 6 and I’m aimin’ ’em
    Rat slitter, rhyme spitter, terrier burier 
    straight out the alley and I will never meow for you 
    trick ass can openers

  5. If I were the first or fifth to comment I’d write something witty with kitteh or haz in it but since I’m fashionably late, I’ll just leave the following here….

    When my wife (aleha ha-shalom)  and I had our practice were we lived, we started noticing money we had left on coffee tables and desks missing. It was only a dollar here and there – or so we thought.  We didn’t think much of it, just a few bucks here and there between two people…you know how it is.

    We bought our shitzu, Cinnamon, a new bed – a basket with removable pillow. After a few months I had the urge to launder our dog’s bed. Under the pillow in her basket was coinage, assorted dollar bills, receipts and a few of our business cards (in addition to a few dog toys.) And oh…there was a 20 bill – or nowadays as I reckon – two boxes of wine. Not one piece of currency or biz-card was damaged. 

    Smart dog is smart. 

    We think she observed us day after day paying cash for pizza, Chinese food and etcetera. Perhaps  also she saw that some of our customers preferred to pay in cash – the cash we put under our mattress.

    There’s no way a shitzu could  _truly_  grasp monetary exchange, but she picked up on something. Perhaps this is some sort of canine cargo-cult-like behaviour?  

    She still hides stuff in her basket two years later, but now she has expanded her horizons to remote controls. But I wonder — why not car keys? She loves rides in the car.

  6. Am I the only one that thought from the title that it was going to be about a new “surprise you’re on a quiz show” show?

    “Mommy, he followed me home!  Can I keep him?” *breezow!* “You’re on Cash Cat!”

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