Gypsophilia's "Constellation" -- decadent old-time jazz with a klezmer touch from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Back in 2009, I reviewed "Sa-ba-da-OW!", a wonderful, eclectic album from Gypsophilia, an indie band out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I've just finished a day's listening to their new album, "Constellation," which is out today, and it's every bit as good as the last one. This is still recognizably Gypsophilia, still eclectic, slightly angular, high-energy jazz with bits of klezmer and stuff thrown in, but Constellation is more put-together and polished. But not too polished! It still makes me want to get out of my seat and dance around the room (especially the opening track, "Zachary's Czardas," which seems to channel Stéphane Grappelli's jazz fiddle and the piano stylings of Daffy Duck in full swing).

The album is available as name your price, DRM-free MP3s, a CD, or a vinyl LP.


  1. I first heard these guys when they played for my university’s annual ball in Halifax and I’ve like them ever since.

  2. your description sounds lovely. I wish I could hear the CD somehow, but the player doesn’t seem to show me any Gypsophilia.

    1. Grooveshark has three of their albums for some hot try-before-you-buy action:

  3. Hum. I just went and bought that in MP3 format, and there is no download link, and the site doesn’t indicate the album is not available yet.  But I do have a lovely paypal receipt.

  4. This sounds right up my street but the only download link I can find is for a $9.99 iTunes album am I missing something or is it a regional thing as I’m in the UK?

  5. Your first link is broken. That’s a pity, because I’d love to download this as a name-your-price MP3. I wonder if they deleted the link after you linked it?

    The only thing that seems similar is a name-your-price LP, which gives you a digital version as well. While I could be a jerk and pay $5 for an LP I’d never use, I don’t want to be a jerk.

    Listening to them now on Grooveshark and they sound great,

  6. My favorite Halifax band. They are a joy to see and hear live. All promoters out there, book this band because they really are gifted musicians, great performers and a treasure to experience.

  7. Hello all.

    This is Kyle from Forward Music, the label that put out this album.  In efforts to keep things grassroots we do our own mail-order and personally send out the links for d/l once orders come in.  Jenny, if you have not received a link yet it’s because it hasn’t made it through PayPal onto us yet but should any minute now…

    You can name your price MP3 over here:

    The whole album will be up by 1pm AST
    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    kyle [at]

    1. Hey Kyle, thanks for dropping by to clarify.  Following the link you posted, though, I still see a minimum $7.50 charge for the digital download.  I agree that’s less than a CD price, and less than the iTunes price, but it’s not exactly the Radiohead name-your-price model.  In fact, it’s less of a name your price model than a ‘pay this price or donate more if you’re feeling generous model”.  Either you or the Boingers have misunderstood the concept, or there’s still some issues at your website. 

      I’m not saying your music’s not worth that much, but as someone new to your stuff, I would have checked it out (and potentially bought more albums at full price if I liked it) for a lesser price I picked myself. 

  8. Um, there’s no “pay what you want” here.

     It’s all “pay at least this much or more”

    Totally different.

    1. It may be a flash problem.  FF6 gives me a pop-up about needing flash.  Flashblock is working at other sites, but isn’t showing a button on forwardmusic’s web site.

      Yeah, I know, the problem is probably Flashblock.  But the real problem is using Flash to start with (IMHO).

    2. I was just about to write about that. There’s a “name your price” box to enter in a figure, but in parentheses nearby states, “$17.99 CAD minimum”.. Uh, what? You’re going to make me pay at least $18 on an album I might’ve paid $4 for? Forget that.

  9. There was never a ‘pay what you want’ Radiohead-type system on this album.  There was always a minimum charge.  Sorry if that wasn’t clear.  Thanks for the feedback and keeping me on my toes.

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